Suspension of Service

Pattern or practice of no-shows (including late cancellations) may result in a suspension of service. 


Before suspending service, Fayette Area Coordinated Transportation (FACT) will notify the customer in writing. The notification will indicate the basis of the suspension and the specific sanction. 

The first violation will result in a verbal warning, the second violation a written warning, and, three or more violations may result in suspension of service for 5 days.

Patterned / Practiced Violations

Pattern or practice will be determined by three or more no-shows in a given month that exceed 15% for 1 to 59 monthly scheduled trips and 20% for 60 or more monthly trips.

 Examples of patterned/practiced violations include:

  • A rider who takes 15 trips a month and has 7 no-show trips would be in violation of FACT’s no-show policy because the customer had at least 3 no-show trips and the number of no-show trips exceeded 15%.
  • If a customer takes three trips a month and has one no-show trip, the rider would not be in violation of the policy because he/she did not meet the minimum number of no-show trips.

Tracking Violations

No-shows/violations will be tracked on a rolling 12-month period.

ViolationActionCustomer Notification
1st ViolationVerbal WarningTelephone
2nd ViolationWritten WarningLetter
3 or More ViolationsCould lead to suspension of service for 5 daysLetter

Before any suspension of service due to no-shows, FACT will notify the rider in writing, citing specifically the following:

  • Appeal process 
  • Date customer can use paratransit service again
  • Exact no-show dates, times, pick-up locations and destinations which the proposed suspension is based on
  • Length of the suspension (beginning and ending dates)
  • Full reason for the proposed suspension