Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

FACT is my only source of transportation. FACT takes me to the doctors, shopping, and to see my sister in the nursing home. If it weren't for FACT, I would have no way to get around. I tell everyone that FACT is a nice bus line. If it weren't for FACT, I would have to stay home. - Elanor Davis

I'm a single working man and a homeowner. Utilizing the FACT public transportation is my mode of transportation for work and shopping. If public transit were to cease, I would no longer have transportation to work. On my days off, I use public transit for my shopping needs. As I have no immediate family in the area, I rely solely on public transportation. Considering all things, public transportation benefits every aspect of my life. I do not want to lose my job, as I take pride in supporting myself.- Baron S.

We use FACT for work and medical appointments for me, my husband and 15 year old daughter. My daughter needs to go to the doctors in Pittsburgh and FACT is the only option we have for these trips. Without FACT we would not be able to make these necessary appointments or get to work. We appreciate the assistance of FACT and their staff and drivers.- Candy and Robert Eutsey

There has not been a taxi service in the area for years. Without FACT, I couldn't get to work or to the doctors or even go for groceries. I really need and depend on this service.- Mary Harbaugh

FACT has been helping Gigi Allison for years. She has been very sick and her mother is elderly and they both cannot drive. FACT has helped both her and her mother with transportation to doctors.

Thank God for FACT for helping people get around. I don't know what we would do without them.- Gigi Allison