New FACT Transfer Center Construction

Transit Service Center

The Service Center will be a full-service facility where riders can purchase tickets, obtain local tourism information, and access a waiting area. This single-story, 1,072.50 square foot building will be fully accessible to all individuals. 

The transfer center will be a 40 by 80 foot building that will have:

  • Office space
  • Passenger waiting area
  • Reception area 
  • Restroom facilities

There will be route information available, bus schedules and the ability to purchase passes at this facility.

Park & Ride Lot

The park and ride lot will have approximately 35 parking spaces where riders can park their vehicles before boarding a FACT vehicle. This lot will accommodate all accessibility requirements and will be paved with impervious materials to provide accessible routes from parking spaces to FACT vehicles.

FACT Vehicle Storage

The proposed project does not include covered storage areas for FACT vehicles, however, the site does include an area where vehicles can be parked or stored temporarily. This area will allow for 2 to 3 larger buses or 4 to 5 smaller vehicles.

Photo Gallery

View photos from the FACT Transfer Center Construction.