Industrial Development Authority


Pennsylvania statute created this Authority to issue municipal bonds for the benefit of industrial and commercial projects in Fayette County.


  • As needed
  • Phone:  724-438-3510


  • Jess Ball
    Term Expires: January 6, 2025
  • Dana Kendrick
    Term Expires: January 5, 2026
  • Carol Capozza
    Term Expires: January 4, 2027
  • Jon Marietta
    Term Expires: January 3, 2028
  • Ben Siebart
    Term Expires: January 1, 2029
  • Ernie DeHaas, Solicitor


Members have a term duration of five years.

Authority Vacancies


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Contact Us

Ernie DeHaas, Solicitor

Phone:  724.438.3510