Electronic Home Monitoring


As part of a juvenile’s supervision through the Juvenile Probation Office, he/she may be subject to electronic monitoring for a specified period of time. The purpose of electronic monitoring is to allow Juvenile Probation staff to more closely monitor a child’s daily activities and movements: in particular, a child’s curfew and to view whether a child is associating in places or with people that may be contrary to the rules of their probation.


The Fayette County Juvenile Probation Office uses electronic monitoring devices that track a child’s movements through a Global Positioning System (GPS). This equipment is capable of tracking a person’s exact movement by time, date, and location anywhere in the world through the use of satellite triangulation.


Children who are subject to electronic monitoring are required to follow a set schedule that will be established by his/her probation officer. This schedule may include areas of exclusion and inclusion. If it becomes necessary to make changes in this schedule (i.e. attend meetings, doctors appointments, or other emergencies) the child must notify their supervising probation officer in advance of these changes; otherwise, the child may be viewed to be in violation of the conditions of their probation.


The supervision of a juvenile offender on the Electronic Monitoring program ranges between 30 and 90 days. Any violations of a juvenile’s schedule can be discussed with the Juvenile Probation Officer.