Juvenile Probation

Mission Statement

The primary responsibility of the Fayette County Juvenile Probation Office is to hold juveniles accountable who are alleged to have committed a delinquent act.

This is accomplished by providing necessary and appropriate levels of supervision and services per Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) principals in conjunction with evidence based practices in order to build competencies, protect the community, reduce recidivism and restore victims to the appropriate extent possible.

Federal Building

We are dedicated in working with offenders, their families, victims and the community to accomplish this edict.

Agency Background & Parameters

The Fayette County Juvenile Probation Office is a Court related office within the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas and falls under the direct supervision of Honorable Judge John F. Wagner Jr. It is charged with the responsibility of handling juveniles who are at least 10 years of age and have not yet reached their 18th birthday, reside within Fayette County and are alleged to have committed a Misdemeanor (M) or Felony (F) offense.

Staff Duties

Out of the total Juvenile Probation Office staff compliment, 10 are assigned to either the north or south regions which contains specific school districts within the County. Their primary duties are to develop and provide individual case management and supervision per each juvenile offender’s unique circumstances within the home, community and school setting. All case management activity falls under the community-based supervision model as authorized by the Juvenile Court Judges Commission and implemented within the agency on January 1, 2004.


Additionally, 3 Officers’ are utilized for intake purposes to initialize the entire supervision process with one being dedicated to handling magistrate referrals due to the non-payment of summary level fines. Further, two Officers handle all of the out-of-home commitment procedures, concluding with the Supervisor, Deputy Chief and Chief Juvenile Probation Officer handling all administrative and operational facets of the agency.

Additional Staff

The agency also employs a full-time administrative assistant and account clerk to handle all related documentation pertinent to it and the Juvenile Court. There is also a full-time Crime Victim Services Coordinator who is utilized on a shared basis between the agency and the local crime victims’ advocacy center.

Fayette County Juvenile Probation Office Contact Information

Fayette County Juvenile Probation Supervision Regional Map

Agency Highlights

Over the past 15 years, the Fayette County Juvenile Probation Office has undergone significant change with several being highlighted below:

  • Continually work with providers to initiate new evidence and community based programming for juvenile offenders to limit out of home treatment
  • Development and sustainment of the Fayette County Youth Commission Program
  • Development of a comprehensive and active community service program
  • Development of the Juvenile Court Restitution Program
  • 2014 Enact major shift in policy and procedure to comply with statewide JJSES initiatives
  • Expand our in-house juvenile offenders competency and victim awareness programs to include evidence based pre and post testing
  • Implement the Youth Level of Service (YLS) in-house assessment to determine risk vs. needs vs. responsiveness in order to develop an effective case plan and services
  • Implementing and maintaining an effective GPS electronic home monitoring program
  • Implementing early, evening and after hours shifts to complete our mission
  • Increased professional staff from 4 to 20
  • Partnership with local police to conduct after hours “Offender Check” ride along
  • Providing a Crime Victims’ Services Coordinator solely for Juvenile Court matters
  • Implemented the Pennsylvania Detention Risk Assessment Instrument (PaDRAI) on all detention decisions


  • 2015 Juvenile Court Support Service Award- Rebecca Martin  
  • 2015 Victim Advocate of the Year Award - Andrea Hibbs
  • 2016 Meritorious Service Award - Donna Moore
  • 2019 Creative Expression and Outstanding Achievement Award                     Juvenile Submitted Essay "Resilience - My Journey, My Voice, My Opportunity"

Family Guide

If your child is in the juvenile justice system in Pennsylvania, this guide is for you. This guide was developed by the Family Involvement Committee of the PA Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers - a committee of family advocates and juvenile justice practitioners - to help families understand Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system and be better prepared to work closely with juvenile justice staff to promote positive outcomes for justice involved youth.

Para ver la Guía familiar en español haga clic aquí

Family Guide to PA Juvenile Justice System

Family Guide 2020

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