How to File a Child Custody Complaint

To start a new custody case in Fayette County, choose the option below that applies to your situation.  If you are the biological parent or adoptive parent of the child or children in question, choose Option 1.  If you are a grandparent or other third party (aunt, uncle, other relative, non-relative), choose Option 2.  With both options, you must follow all of the steps in the Checklist for Custody Complaint, and follow the individual instructions for each form.  

You should not file a new custody complaint if there is a custody case already open concerning the child or children, even if that case is filed in another county or state.  

If there is already an open custody case concerning the child/children and you want to change the current order, or if another party is not following the current order, please refer to the page on Modifications and Contempt.

Option 1: For Biological or Adoptive Parents

Option 2: For Grandparents or Other Third Parties