Child Custody Services

COVID-19 Updates

The Child Custody Services Office is currently operating under a normal schedule and conducting mediations and partial custody hearings in person.  All parties and attorneys appearing for proceedings in the office who have not been fully vaccinated must wear a mask.  


Forms are available for filing an initial custody complaint and for filing petitions for modification or contempt.  These forms can also be purchased in a printed packet with instructions from the Fayette County Law Library for $13.

Forms for filing a Complaint for Custody

Forms for filing a Petition for Modification or a Petition for Contempt of a Custody Order


The Child Custody Services Office conducts mediations and hearings regarding legal and physical custody of minor children between parents, grandparents, and third parties. 

  • Our office cannot provide legal advice regarding custody cases.  If you are in need of legal advice regarding your case, please contact an attorney.
  • The Child Custody Services Office is not a filing office.  Complaints, motions, pleadings, and other documents should be filed with the Prothonotary or the Court Administrator's Office, as appropriate.
  • Parties are only permitted to speak with the mediator or hearing officer assigned to their case during scheduled mediation conferences and hearings.  The mediators/hearing officers cannot provide legal advice to parties.
  • The Child Custody Services does not conduct custody trials, custody motions, or matters relating to child support.