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  • The Treasurer’s Office now has the ability to accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks for Uniontown City, Connellsville City, and Ohiopyle Borough for 2023 County Real Estate/Per Capita Taxes.
  • Please visit the Epay Gov 2023 Taxes and follow the instructions.  When typing in the bill number please use the number below the bar-code.
  • There will be a convenience fee charged by the service provider. For real estate taxes it is $4.00 or 3.5% (whichever is higher) for each property.  For per capita it is a flat rate of $2.00.
  • Please be advised that your credit card statement will show ePayGov.com tm as the merchant record. Any type of charge back will be assessed a $45 charge back fee.

Fayette County Treasurer would like to thank you for your payment! Real Estate Tax Pic