Records Retention Policy & Procedure

Fayette County is committed to providing efficient delivery of services to the public and to manage government records and information.

Records Preservation Process

While certain Row Offices began archiving and preserving its documents in 2003, remaining County offices only began this process in 2007.

Itinerant Archivist Program

In October 2007, Fayette County sought to participate in a program through the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, which allowed participation in an innovative project to improve its management of records and information.

In March 2008, Fayette County was selected to participate in the Itinerant Archivist Program. An Itinerant Archivist was on-site for approximately eight weeks to help to prioritize and address our county archival and records management needs
and issues.

As of November 2008 the offices of the Commissioners, Jail, Human Resources, Information Technology, Tax Claim, EMA, Tax Assessment, Public Defender, Election Bureau, Buildings and Grounds, Veterans Affairs, Bridge, Solid Waste/Recycling, Planning and Zoning began the document management and retention process. The remaining County departments are in the process of this project.

Having a sound records management and information system helps in processing requests for public records under Pennsylvania Open Records.

Manual & Guidelines

Fayette County shall comply with the County Records Manual (PDF) and the Court Record Retention and Disposition Schedule with Guidelines (PDF).

All County departments will comply with the Records Storage Manual (PDF) as adopted by the Board of Commissioners on September 4, 2008 and as updated.