Public Education

Fayette County EMA/911 is actively involved in public education and community outreach projects. We continually present programs to school-aged children on the proper use of 911 and other safety issues. Our program for civic organizations focus on emergency preparedness, i.e. weather-related emergencies.

For more information about our public education or community outreach programs, contact our agency. Sue Griffith can help you arrange a tour of our center or schedule a presentation tailored specifically to your organization. You can reach Sue at 724-430-1277 or by email.

Community Emergency Response Teams

Acting as a local liaison to Fayette County Emergency Management, local emergency response teams can help to organize the community in case of an emergency.

Programs, materials, and CERT training are free of cost to all residents of Fayette County.

Community Emergency Response Team Website

911 Public Education

In this course, an experienced member of the 911 staff will visit your school, community center, or organization and give a presentation outlining just exactly how a 911 call works from the time you dial the phone until you hang up, as well as what happens in between. Our public education volunteers will also answer questions and explain to your group or organization all of the whys and hows of the emergency response system.

Additional Resources

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