County Prison

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Mission Statement

The Fayette County Prison maintains care, custody, and control of inmates as mandated by law.

Those include inmates held in custody pending disposition of his or her respective cases by the Courts and those already convicted of a criminal act and sentenced to a term of incarceration.

The Fayette County Prison is a tobacco free facility.


  • John Lenkey, Warden
  • Joseph Barnes, Deputy Warden of Security
  • William Vanmeter, Major

Fayette County HR Coronavirus Update, with photograph of an individual using hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus Update - Inmate Visitation Resuming

Inmate visitation will resume on Sunday, June 7, 2020, at regular hours.  However, some things have changed due to our need to practice social distancing:

  • All visitors must wear a mask upon entering the prison, and that mask must stay on throughout the visit.
  • Only one adult visitor is permitted, per inmate.  No children are allowed to visit.
  • We will only allow groups of three in to visit at one time.
  • All visiting booths and phones being used will be disinfected after each group of visits are completed.

For a printable pdf of this policy, click here.