• When sending an inmate mail be sure to include his/her name on the envelope.
  • All mail received must include a legible return address. Any mail received with an illegible, partial, or missing return address will be returned to the Post Office.
  • All envelopes are destroyed after the distribution of mail.
  • All padded envelopes will be examined and destroyed, charges may be filed if
    contraband is found.

Money Orders

Only money orders will be accepted for credit which will be placed in the inmates account.

No money orders will be accepted during a visit or dropped off to the Lieutenant or Shift Commander. No cash or personal checks will be accepted. Money orders must have the inmate's name that is receiving the money order (no other inmate can receive a money
order addressed to another inmate).

Prohibited Items

Inmates are not permitted to receive the following:

  • Greeting cards such as birthday, holiday, inspirational, etc., and similar mailings
  • Stamps or stickers
  • Plastics
  • Sexually explicit material
  • Material regarding explosives, weapons, or drugs
  • Undergarments, clothing, or tennis shoes (Inmate's can purchase these items on the commissary menu)
  • Effective March 10, 2021, The Fayette County Prison will no longer be accepting any inmate reading material through the mail.  This includes previously accepted Amazon books.  An inmate library has been established and reading materials are made available to all inmates through free routine lending, or by request.  Any packages received through the mail will be returned to the sender.



Maximum of 10 photographs are allowed in the inmates' possession at a time. No Polaroid photographs are permissible.

Sending Money Out of Prison

Inmates are permitted to send money out of the Prison from his/her inmate account for any reason, unless a photocopy of a utility bill is forwarded to the Prison and a check will be issued directly to that specific company.


Any inmate wishing to have a religious medallion, watch, etc. brought into the Prison must submit a request slip. If the inmate did not have any of the above when he/she was committed, it will be approved and can be brought in the inmates visiting day.