Community Relations

Mission Statement:

The Community Relations Office aims to keep citizens informed of events, government actions, and other happenings, in conjunction with the Fayette County Public Relations Initiative. 

We work with local, regional, and state media organizations to share important county information through press releases, comprehensive statements, and social media networks. 

Contact us

Kaylie Moore
Community Relations Coordinator
(724) 430 - 1200 | Ext. 1611

United Fayette

Fayette County Public Relations Initiative

Visit our media archive for the latest news from Fayette County. 

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The Fayette County Public Relations Initiative launched in fall 2017. Funded through the Fayette County Local Share Account (LSA) and Hotel Tax Grants, the initiative operates in cooperation with the Fayette County Board of Commissioners, Fayette Chamber of Commerce, Redevelopment Authority of the County of Fayette, The Redstone Foundation and other partners. 

For more information, email Kristi Kassimer at

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