County Controller

Office of the Controller Fayette County Pennsylvania Seal
Courthouse building

Mission Statement

The Office of the County Controller supervises the fiscal affairs of the county including the books and records and fiscal actions of those who collect, receive, hold or disburse the public money of the county.


  • The Controller keeps a full set of books of the county in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles of all fiscal operations of the county.
  • The Controller prescribes and administers the form and manner of keeping the official books and papers in connection with fiscal affairs of the county.
  • The Controller has responsibility to audit, settle and adjust the accounts of all county officers at the end of each fiscal year.
  • The Controller selects the accounting system to be used by the county.

Denial of Fiscal Transactions

The Controller is empowered to refuse to authorize any fiscal transaction where it appears such transaction is not properly authorized, or as to which he desires upon reasonable grounds to investigate for, or has already discovered fraud, flagrant abuse of public office or any act or neglect of any officer or other county employee.

Primary Functions

  • Audit books of county officers
  • Keep the books of the county
  • Maintain custody of valuable documents
  • Scrutinize all fiscal transactions to ensure compliance with statute (1702)
  • Serve on following boards/commissions:
    • Prison
    • Retirement (statutory secretary)
    • Salary
    • Sinking Fund Commission

Annual Financial Report of the Controller Period Ended December 31, 2019

Annual Financial Report of the Controller Period Ended December 31, 2018