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Fayette County Commissioners Mission

It is the mission of the Fayette County Commissioners to promote a work environment that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect.


The Human Resource Department is located in the Lower Level of the Courthouse.

Fayette County HR Coronavirus Update, with photograph of an individual using hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus - Pandemic Response Activation Policy

Click here on the link below to access the Fayette County Pandemic Response Activation Policy.

Pandemic Response Activation Policy

Coronavirus - Where to Go if You Think You Have Coronavirus

Click on the link below for information about where to go if you think you have coronavirus.

Where to Go if You Think You Have Coronavirus

Coronavirus - Memo to Fayette County Employees on behalf of the Fayette County Commissioners

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic and public efforts to address it in our communities continues to evolve rapidly. We will be speaking with all Department Heads to determine the specific needs of your department. While it is not possible for all positions or even for entire departments to completely shut down, the County will attempt to accommodate remote work in appropriate situations while the current state of emergency associated with the COVID-19 outbreak continues.

At this time, it is anticipated that County employees will continue working. If remote work is not possible or approved by your supervisor, you are to report to work as usual. Nonetheless, we understand that current events may affect employees’ ability to report to work in some circumstances. Consistent with CDC guidelines, employees who are sick, believe they may be getting sick, or who may have been exposed to COVID-19 are expected to stay home from work. Additionally, the County understands that the Governor’s declaration closing K-12 schools for the next ten (10) business days may make it difficult for some employees to report to work until they arrange for childcare during this time period

The County is attempting to balance accommodating the increase in employee absences as much as possible while still ensuring that essential functions, such as law enforcement and public safety, continue without interruption. Effective Tuesday, March 17th, for those in non-essential positions*, employees may be permitted to use any combination of their existing sick, vacation, or personal leave and/or comp time without proof of illness for COVID-19 related absences, including to care for children who are off school or daycare. At their option (or in the event paid leave days have been exhausted), employees may instead elect to use unpaid leave in full day increments for approved absences for up to ten (10) working days, during which time the County would continue to cover their insurance benefits.

* Importantly, please note that these changes do not apply to County departments subject to state-mandated staffing requirements or which are otherwise safety-essential, such as public safety, human services, corrections, or other law enforcement positions. In order to assure proper sanitation efforts, the County may also need to deem maintenance and/or custodial staff as essential at some or all parts of the coming weeks. We do not have a comprehensive list of essential positions and expect that these decisions will need to be made on a department-by-department basis. While the County will try to be accommodating to those employees’ leave needs during this time period, those services must continue uninterrupted.

We will continue to keep you updated with pertinent information as it becomes available. In addition, we will evaluate the County’s need for employee changes as necessary. If your department has other changes outside the scope of this email, your manager or supervisor will be communicating with you in a separate email or in person. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these unprecedented times.

*The County may adjust/revise these policies and procedures as necessary.

Cristi Spiker

Director of Human Resources

Fayette County Government

61 East Main Street

Uniontown, PA 15401

Phone: 724-430-1200 X 5002

For a copy of this memo in PDF form, click here.

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Fayette County Employee Handbook (effective 11/1/2020)