Why does it take help so long to get here?

Rest assured, that as soon as we have sufficient information to dispatch help, it is done.

In many cases, such as for police response, calls must be prioritized by the officers according to their department policies and protocols as well as how they feel they can make the best use of manpower and resources at their disposal. Police may not be in the immediate geographical vicinity of you at the time of your call. They must be given time in order to safely travel to the scene.

In the case of EMS calls, there may be circumstances that slow down response times. Potentially dangerous scenes, such as one where an actor with weapons is on scene, or any other such situation, may cause the ambulance company to stage and wait for police arrival before proceeding to the scene in order to ensure the safety of emergency medical personnel.

As far as fire departments, a large percentage of responders in Fayette County do so on a volunteer basis. Not all fire departments are manned 24/7, and many of these responders may have to leave work, get out of bed, or come from farther away to make it to their station and respond to a call. Only the City of Uniontown has a 24/7 paid fire department in the county. Because not all of the stations are manned at all times, you must allow time for these volunteer personnel to make it to the station so that they can respond with the proper fire apparatus and equipment.

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