What types of services does Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration provide?


Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration (FCBHA) assures that individuals and families are provided opportunities to utilize Behavioral Health services to meet their needs. It is the responsibility of FCBHA to bring options through a vast network of local providers. An intake assessment will be conducted for referral to appropriate provider agencies for Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Services.

Service Coordination

Once children are deemed eligible for Early Intervention services, an Individualized Family Service Plan is developed to assist the child’s ability to see, move, hear, talk, eat, dress, think, learn, understand, relate to others and express their own needs. The child’s Service Coordinator will ensure the family is informed about age appropriate childhood development, family supports, developmental/instructional therapy options to aid in their child’s development.

Supports Coordination

Individuals diagnosed with an IQ below 70 or diagnosed as Autistic with adaptive skill deficits prior to age 22 and are Medical Assistance eligible qualify for Supports Coordination services. These services include:

  • Day Programs
  • In-home Supports
  • Independent Living
  • Residential Programs
  • Transition Planning (ages 14 to 21)
  • Vocational Training / Employment

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