What do I need to bring with me to apply for a Passport?
  • Precious Passport of Long Form Birth Certificate: If you have had a previous passport, you must bring it in and submit it. An expired passport can also be used as proof as citizenship, no matter how old the document is. If your passport is damaged/illegible, you must bring either the long form birth certificate or an even older passport that is not damaged as proof of citizenship. Please note that hospital birth registrations, birth notifications, and baptismal certificates are not acceptable forms of citizenship.
  • Naturalization certificate if you became a naturalized citizen.
  • Valid drivers license. Parent's ID will be used for minors who do not drive.
  • Two 2-inch by 2-inch identical photographs. School photographs are not acceptable.
  • Information required on the form: Your social security number, parents' birth date and birthplace, current or previous marriage information.

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2. What do I need to bring with me to apply for a Passport?
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