Where can I find an attorney for my custody case?

The Child Custody Services Office and the Custody Mediators/Hearing Officers are unable to provide legal advice concerning child custody matters. If you require legal assistance, the following resources are available in Fayette County:

Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Aid

Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Aid is the legal aid services provider for Fayette County. They offer an information page on their website about child custody issues. Eligibility and availability of services for custody cases may vary. For more information, contact their Fayette office at (724) 439-3591.

Fayette County Bar Association Find a Lawyer Program

The Fayette County Bar Association offers a Find a Lawyer Program that refers callers to participating attorneys primarily located in Fayette County. There is no charge to contact the FCBA Find a Lawyer Program and the fee for an initial consultation of up to one half hour with an attorney is $25. For more information or a referral, please contact the Find a Lawyer Program at (724) 437-7994.

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1. Where can I find an attorney for my custody case?
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