Law Library

Library Services

The Fayette County Law Library contains:

  • Case law reporters
  • Digests
  • Federal laws
  • Form books
  • Law sources
  • Pennsylvania statutes
  • Treatises on law
View of first floor of law library taken from second floor

To complement these books, Westlaw and Lexis Nexis legal databases. CDs and Memory Sticks are available. 

The Law Library’s archives include a variety of titles other than law, including a rare books collection and local history books on Fayette County.


  • Computer printer copies cost $0.25 per page.
  • Photocopies from library materials cost $0.25 per page
  • Fax service is available at the following cost - $1 per page for 1 to 5 pages, and $0.25 per page thereafter. Fees are adjusted to cover long distance rates when necessary.

What We Can Do

  • Direct you to sources of information on a specific subject. 
  • Instruct you in finding specific statutes, case law and other legal references. 
  • Instruct you in the usage of resource materials.
  • Make referrals to agencies.

What We Cannot Do

  • Choose or recommend language for use on any form or other legal document.
  • Give legal advice or opinions on legal issues.
  • Interpret statutes, cases or regulations.
  • Recommend an attorney.
  • Select or assist in filling out forms or other legal documents.

The Fayette County Law Library is operated in conformity with rules of the Court of Common Pleas of the judicial district embracing Fayette County and is open to the general public.  

Additional Information

The cultural and educational pursuits of the Fayette County Law Library are promoted through the display of non-performing local artists’ work in the library’s museum case. We are pleased to share their works as Showcase of Local Artists and welcome visitors to the Fayette County Law Library to view the museum case.

Photograph of painted metal sculpture entitled "Four Dances", on permanent display in the Faye
Photograph of artist Shroyer posing in Law Library
Photograph of artist Bernadette Tummons hanging artwork
Photograph of nautical themed art, on display in the Fayette County Law Library, as part of the "