License & Permit Fees

Dog License Fees

License TypeFee
Regular Male or Female$8.45
Regular Neutered or Spayed$6.45
Senior Male or Female$6.45
Senior Neutered or Spayed$4.45
Regular Lifetime Male or Female$51.45
Regular Lifetime Neutered or Spayed$31.45
Senior Lifetime Male or Female$31.45
Senior Lifetime Neutered or Spayed$21.45

2009 Fishing Licenses

License TypeAge GroupFee
ResidentAges 16 to 64$22.70
Nonresident16 and up$52.70
Resident Senior (Annual)65 and up$11.70
Resident Senior (Lifetime)65 and up$51.70
7-Day Tourist16 and up$34.70
3-Day Tourist16 and up$26.70
1-Day Resident16 and up$11.70
Trout Stamp16 and up$9.70
Lake Erie Stamp16 and up$9.70
Combo Lake Erie/Trout16 and up$15.70

2009 Resident Hunting Licenses

License TypeAge GroupFee
Resident Adult HuntAges 17 to 64$20.70
Resident Junior HuntAges 12 to 16$6.70
Resident Junior CombinationAges 12 to 16$9.70
Resident Senior (Annual)65 and up$13.70
Resident Adult FurtakerAges 17 to 64$20.70
Resident Junior FurtakerAges 12 to 16$6.70
Resident Senior Furtaker65 and up$13.70
Resident BearSee Digest for age$16.70
Resident ArcheryN/A$16.70
Resident MuzzleloaderN/A$11.70
Resident Migratory BirdN/A$3.70

Non-Resident Hunting Licenses

License TypeFee
Non-Resident Adult Hunt$101.70
Non-Resident Junior Hunt$41.70
Non-Resident Junior Combination$51.70
Non-Resident Adult Furtaker$81.70
Non-Resident Junior Furtaker$41.70
Non-Resident 7-Day Small Game$31.70
Non-Resident Bear$36.70
Non-Resident Archery$26.70
Non-Resident Muzzle-Loader$21.70
Applicant over 18 must appear in personvalid for 5 years$6

Bingo & Small Games of Chance

License TypeRenewalFee
BingoAll must be renewed on November 7th of each year.$100
Small Games of ChanceValid one year from the date of purchase.$125

Sportsman's Firearms Permit

Applicant must be over 18 and must appear in person. Permits are valid for five years. The fee is $6.